CreativeNotes 3.0

Record and organize all sorts of information


  • Capable of handling lots of data
  • Easy-to-operate tree structure enviroment
  • Attach drawings and handwritten notes
  • Password protection


  • Virtual keyboard is a bit fiddly

Very good

I don't know about you, but I'm forever jotting down shopping lists, phone numbers, bank account details and ideas for inventions on scraps of paper. Not only is this quite dangerous if these fall into the wrong hands, but it's also mightily frustrating if you keep on losing them like I do. A more practical solution is to install CreativeNotes on your Pocket PC.

This application allows you to record and organise anything you like on your handheld device, such as tasks, ideas, appointments, duties, dates and shopping lists. CreativeNotes proves to be pretty powerful, letting you add as much data as you like while retaining a high degree of organisation. It gives you different ways of inputting information, whether it's through the (rather fiddly) virtual keyboard, or ticking different check boxes.

The program lets you manage your data in a very logical manner, with functions for sorting and filtering information by category, attaching drawings or handwriting to notes, and applying different colours for different tasks. Using a hierarchical tree structure, you can expand or close nodes to keep things as neat as possible. The ubiquitous password-protection is also included.

If you're looking for a way to take notes and sort them more effectively then CreativeNotes represents a very practical solution.

CreativeNotes is an amazing application for the Pocket PC that helps you organize your thoughts and ideas. It will make you more effective at work, it will help you learn at school or college, and enhance your leisure time at home.

Despite its power, CreativeNotes is incredibly simple to use. All of its functions have been designed to minimize the number of taps you have to make. Full on-device help is provided as standard. CreativeNotes will help you go wherever your imagination wants to take you.



CreativeNotes 3.0

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